Words on pages and simple ideas that become pictures in motion. Short films. Music videos. Corporate videos. Sporting events. No matter the genre, to see your ideas and words come to life for other people to see and comprehend is a major pleasure. Video (film) is perhaps the most accessible way to communicate your stories and ideas with other people. It demands a smaller investment from your audience than say reading a book or story, and you can tell so much more in a much shorter amount of time. And you actually show people your story, or your message. As a writer, I love that.

I have written or come up with scenarios for more than 20 videos. Here is a small selection of the final products as they are as pictures in motion.

Also see, The Eradicators ; Krango & Charlie – Being a bad-ass cop ; The Star and his Beegirl Series ; Next Level ; Tais Toi.


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