Ginger the Carrot

It ginger_the_carrot_maquette_texte_vectorise.inddis with great pleasure that I announce that my book Ginger the Carrot was published in May this year by Un Café, l’Edition (yes, this post has been a while coming!). Illustrated by the talented Sally Dee, Ginger the Carrot is a picture book for adults and the first in the series Rotten Veggies.

It’s been a long process to get to this stage, with some very memorable experiences along the way! Such as actually witnessing the birth of Ginger at the printer! Here’s a small video showing some of the process:

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Rotten Veggies.

Rotten Veggies.


Rotten Veggies is a series of picture books for adults. Carrots and beans! Beetroots and radishes! Cucumbers and the whole rotten rest! My parents always told me,

“Eat your veggies, son!  They’re good for you!”

Well, not these vegetables! ‘Rotten Veggies’ portrays vegetables at their most rotten!

Volume 1: Ginger the Carrot

Status: complete, in words and pictures, awaiting publication.

Illustrations by Sally Dee.

Ginger’s is a coming of age story. It’s about leaving home and discovering the world.
It’s about smoking your first toke, getting sick on alcohol and being with a woman for the first time. And then it’s about revenge for all those little carrots back in your patch who were always laughing at you ’cause you looked different…in an bloody-orangey type of way! Continue reading