Codpiece Diary Entry #1068

LitReactor have this comp going: write a journal entry from the point of view of your favorite villain or antagonist. It’s a Flash Fiction kinda thing and it got me thinking about some of the really awful comic book villains. I came across ‘Codpiece’and reckon it has to be one of the most bizarre ideas for a comic book character. I mean, just look at him!Codpiece-1 His ‘power’ is a home made codpiece = cock cover, complete with weapons, that he built after repeatedly taking women’s brush-offs to his advances the wrong way. He thought he was being ‘rejected’ because of the size of his – ahem – penis, when that was never really the case. They only ever wanted to be rid of him, because he was a dick—not because of the size of his dick…Anyway, here’s my journal entry: Continue reading


Grampy Joe.

My short story ‘Grampy Joe’ picked up third prize in the Odyssey House Victoria 2012 short story competition. You can read it on their site, or here.

Grampy Joe

Grampy Joe lives in a retirement home. But we’re not meant to tell him that, ‘cause, he doesn’t think he does. Grampy Joe, he thinks the home’s cleaning lady is his wife. He thinks the communal eating area is a new restaurant every time he goes to eat. And he wonders when the bloody hell all his neighbours got turned into old people. Continue reading

Père au foyer / At home Dad.

I recently discovered that I have been published in French, in the book ‘Mon p’tit drôle‘ by Alain Salvary. His book debates the issue of an at-home parent being a real profession, and the subjects of remuneration and recognition in regards to this job. I contributed the following ‘witness statement’ as an at-home Dad (which appears on pages 137-144, to be exact). Here is the English version. (clic ici pour la version française).

At-home Dad.

Some days are easy.  The kids are happy, they wake up smiling and laughing.  They eat a good breakfast and joke and play.  They listen the first time when you ask them to do something.  Getting ready for school is quick and without drama, or if it’s the weekend, or the holidays, they amuse themselves for hours on end, and we play, and pass really happy times together.

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