Codpiece Diary Entry #1068

LitReactor have this comp going: write a journal entry from the point of view of your favorite villain or antagonist. It’s a Flash Fiction kinda thing and it got me thinking about some of the really awful comic book villains. I came across ‘Codpiece’and reckon it has to be one of the most bizarre ideas for a comic book character. I mean, just look at him!Codpiece-1 His ‘power’ is a home made codpiece = cock cover, complete with weapons, that he built after repeatedly taking women’s brush-offs to his advances the wrong way. He thought he was being ‘rejected’ because of the size of his – ahem – penis, when that was never really the case. They only ever wanted to be rid of him, because he was a dick—not because of the size of his dick…Anyway, here’s my journal entry: Continue reading