Flappy and Splashy

Flappy and Splashy.

Status: in search of a publisher


Illustrated by the super talented Sally Dee, Flappy and Splashy is a story borne out of the experience of sitting in a classroom full of people up to 10 years my junior, trying to learn the French language. In the uncomfortable, sometimes comical situation of being their junior in terms of my French language ability and progress, Flappy and Splashy showed themselves in a project designed to improve our French writing skills. I felt like a fish out of water, or if you like a bird in water in my French classes, and these sentiments reflected in the story.

Flappy, is a fish with bird wings, able to fly through the air as well as swim through the ocean! It’s a fantastic ability for a fish! But, he is ridiculed by all the other fish because he is different.

“This is Flappy.

Flappy is a fish. But Flappy isn’t just any fish.

He’s a fish with wings! Having wings means he can fly high through the air, as high as the clouds.

But having wings also slows him down when he swims.

The other fish laugh at him.”

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