The Freeing of Jonathon Mark – Update

The Freeing of Jonathon Mark is getting closer to publication. The process of crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘i’s is complete thanks to the great work of Tom Flood. He’s also taught me heaps about typesetting and the ins and outs of self-publishing which has been enormously important as I will be self-publishing this project. Still, even with all his help, and endless searching and reading on the net, meeting people with contacts and experience in the publishing industry I still feel like I’m about to take a long walk off a short, windblown cliff into a rocky ocean below—blindfolded. Maybe this is normal…except for the blindfolded bit. Personally, my eyes are wide open for this jump, ready to learn and enjoy the ride!

Here is how my checklist is filling out: Continue reading


The very real story of the chicken who squawked a lot.

The very real story of the chicken who squawked a lot.

Status: Complete and in need of illustrations before publication


Part of a proposed series of ‘Very real Stories’. Books for people of all ages. See also ‘The very real story of the very, very Old Dude’.


Seven chickens were tied upside down on a bike on the way to the market.
One of the chickens started to squawk and squawk and squawk.
“You’re giving me a headache,” said the man riding the bike. “If you don’t shut up, I’ll chop your head off first!”
But what the chicken was really trying to say was,
“Watch out for that bus!” Continue reading