The Microbes of Zam Steepa.

The Microbes of Zam Steepa.

Status: Awaiting Author’s Review


Zam Steepa has a problem with microbes. If there’s something going around, he’ll catch it. And even when there’s not, he still does. Which shouldn’t be a problem in the day and age of curing illness with colored light. But getting the cure means taking the swab, and Zam, he’s got an oversensitive gag reflex. Continue reading


The Battle of my Hands.

The Battle of my Hands.

Long before the little voice in my head had a name he was already playing games with me.


Left alone in a small flat, sick, cold, ALONE, the mind can wander…a knife left sitting on the table…2 hours later, this text had spurted out from the darkest little voice realms of my head.


I’m having a battle with my evil hand. It’s going for the knife sitting on the table in front of me, reaching out determinedly. The fingers stretch as far as they can without the bones bursting out of the skin. My new housemate Bob has left it on the table. Careless. Real careless. I’m a pretty easy going guy to live with. I only have one rule: DO NOT LEAVE ANY KNIVES LYING AROUND.  Continue reading